Thursday, November 5, 2015

Back to the Future- Part 3

This week at Wednesday Night Worship was part 3 of the "Back to the Future" series.  We opened the night with the student band leading us in a worship set of "With Us" (Hillsong), "Need You Now" (Plumb), and "Cornerstone" (Hillsong).  I began the message by talking about how in the 2nd Back to the Future movie Doc told Marty to not do anything while they were in the future. Marty didn't listen and bought the Sport's Almanac, which Biff ended up stealing, taking back to this younger self in the past, and causing a major change in history.  The point to see here that is Marty's actions not only impacted himself, but everyone else as well.  The same is true for us (except without the time travel).  Our sinful choices will not only impact us, but others as well.

We looked at Joshua 7 where Achan disobeyed God's instruction and kept for himself some of the gold and silver.  Because of Achan's sin, the Israelite army was defeated at Ai, a battle that they should have easily won.  After Joshua mourns, God tells him that because of sin they have all suffered these consequences.  Joshua discovers that it is Achan who has disobeyed God.  The result is that they end up stoning Achan along with his family and then burning them.  This all seems harsh, but the reality is that sin leads to death.

Achan may have thought that his disobedience would only impact him but he was wrong.  Our disobedience against God will always have an impact on others.  Achan's sins impacted 2 groups of people:
1) His family- They may or may not have been co-conspirators. Either way, Achan's sins led to their death.
2) The Israelite Soldiers and they Families- 36 soldiers died in the battle of Ai leaving behind family members.  They should have won this battle no problems.  However, because of Achan's sins, these soldiers died leaving their families behind to grieve their loss.

Even if you try to conceal your sin, which Achan did, it will have an impact on others.  It will impact your family, friends, church, etc.  It's always easy when looking at this passage to think about other people whose poor choices have had a negative impact on you.  However, we must look in the mirror at ourselves.  What sin choices are we making that is  having a negative impact on you.

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