Thursday, September 24, 2015

What Now?- Part 2

This week was part 2 of our "What Now?" series.  We began with a worship set that included "Need You Now" (Plumb), "How Can It Be" (Lauren Daigle), and "Touch The Sky" (Hillsong United).  I began the message talking about what do you do when you have experienced a great season of life?  What do you do then?  As a student ministry we have experienced a great time of spiritual growth among our students.  We have seen them grow closer together in a way we have prayed for.  So what do we do now?  The answer isn't the next big program because that accomplishes nothing.

We looked at Acts 1:9-14 to think about what do we do now as a youth ministry:
1) Stop Looking to the Past
While we must celebrate yesterday's victories, we cannot allow them to cloud our vision of the future.  The disciples had experienced an incredible season of life as they had spent time with Jesus and witnessed His death and resurrection.  They witnessed His ascension into heaven and two men asked why they are still looking into the sky.  They couldn't just stand there looking in the sky but had to move on into what lies ahead.

2) We Must Be United Together
Verse 14 tells us that they were constantly united together in prayer.  They had developed a habit of praying together.  They were together with the common purpose of pursuing Christ.  This meant they had to lay aside their differences in order to be united.

We closed with a time of prayer where I challenged the students to search their hearts to see where they needed to be obedient in this.  After a time of prayer we closed with a song of reflection "Set A Fire" (United Pursuit).

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