Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Love Is NOT An Open Door

I have been behind on blogging lately and want to post about the last Wednesday Night Worship series we did called "Love Is NOT An Open Door."  We talked about the relationship between Anna and Hans in the movie "Frozen."  After a short meeting they sing a song together about love being an open door.  I challenged the students throughout this series that their heart should not remain open to anyone at anytime.  Our heart is our most valuable possession and should not be opened freely to just anyone.  Here is a breakdown of the series:

Week 1- Love Does Not Happen Quickly
We looked at Song of Solomon 2:2-7 that talks about the beautiful relationship that is taking place between Solomon and his bride.  Then verse 7 lets us know that even though their love is a beautiful thing, it is something that cannot be rushed and must take time.  The message was to challenge students to not rush into a relationship.  Love takes time!

Week 2- Love Requires High Standards
Once again we looked at the life of King Solomon, this time in 1 Kings 11:1-8.  Though Solomon was the wise, he failed to utilize this wisdom in the latter years of his life.  He allowed his wives to turn his heart away from God.  This night I challenged the students to have to standards in who they date, as dating is preparation for marriage.  I used the quote from Pete Wilson "Marry them for who they are today, not for who you hope they will be tomorrow."

Week 3- Becoming the Right Person
Often married couples get asked the question "How did you know that your spouse was the one?"  Married people usually respond "You just know" which really doesn't help, even if it is the truth.  A question that is also asked is "How do you find the right person?"  We looked at Genesis 2:18-24 where God provides a helper to Adam by making Eve.  The word "helper" does not imply someone of inferiority.  Instead it is someone who helps the other become their best.  In verse 24 it says that you will "leave" your father and mother.  There are several points to make here, but the main one we focused on is that you have to leave your past self behind.  Instead of focusing on finding the right person, it is more important to focus on becoming the right person.  The right person who can be the helper that your future spouse needs.

Week 4- Sacrificial Love
As our last week before Easter, we focused on the One true love that we should leave our heart open to which is the love of Jesus.  We read John 15:12-13 that talks about the greatest love there is.  The verse is often used wrongly in talking about friendships.  However the Greek word "agape" is the word that is translated to love in verse 12.  This is a love that only God has for us.  This is a love that is so great that He was willing to sacrifice everything for the opportunity to have a relationship with us.  We closed the message and the series with a time of prayer focusing on whether or not we have opened our heart to worldly love, while closing it to the love of Jesus.

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