Thursday, December 11, 2014

Peace On Earth- Part 2

This week was the second and final part of the "Peace on Earth" series.  After a time of fellowship and snacks we began with a worship set that included: "Prince of Peace (You Are Holy)/O Come Let Us Adore Him", "Our God/Silent Night", and "How Many Kings" (Downhere).  After a brief review of the previous week and talking about the topic of "Peace On Earth" we dove right into the message for the night.

We again read Luke 2:14 where the angels praised God.  The second part of this praise is a reminder that there is a breakdown between man and God, which is sin.  Our sin has separated us from God, but Jesus came to restore this relationship.  This is the peace that Jesus offers.  Our peace with God is of most importance.  We also read in Romans 4:25-5:1 that through Christ's sacrifice, we can have peace with God.

I explained that many of us have experienced this peace that Jesus offers.  We know we are saved and are growing in Him.  However, many fall into 1 of 2 other categories.
1) You have been saved, but there is a lack of peace as you doubt your salvation.  Often we allow Satan to steal our joy as we live in fear.  Sometimes it can be because of our lack of pursuing God, to blatant sin and disobedience.  At this time, Belinda shared about how she has struggled at times in her life.  However, when she seeks God for assurance He always shows her.  Often times she would reflect on moments when the Holy Spirit was prompting her to something.  She knew that if she was not saved then the Holy Spirit would not dwell in her and not lead her to something.
2) You think you were saved but you never made a true commitment.  At this point Fallon shared her story.  She recently was saved at the Hearts on Fire conference.  A few years earlier other people had been saved and she went through the emotions to make others happy.  Since she had lived in constant fear knowing that she had not made a real commitment but was also worried that people would be disappointed in her if she told the truth.  She made a true commitment to Jesus a few weeks ago and she now lives in peace.  It was amazing to see her stand before a group and share her heart because I know that was way out of her comfort zone.

We closed with a time of prayer.  I asked the students to seek God and answer the question if they are at peace with God through Jesus.  It is a question that can only be answered by each individual.

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