Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Threads- Part 3

Last week at Wednesday Night Worship we wrapped up the "Threads" series.  We began the night by splitting into groups so groups could discuss the following "Would You Rather" scenario. Students discussed whether they would rather 1) Give tragic news to a friend, or 2) Confront a friend about something that they were doing wrong.  Most students discussed that they would rather confront a friend than tell them tragic news.  We then went into a worship set that included "This Is Amazing Grace" (Phil Wickham), "Because You Are I Am" (Opposite Way Student Band), and "Hosanna" (Hillsong United).

After a brief review of the previous weeks of the "Threads" series we began discussing the topic for the night.  I referred to the opening "Would You Rather" scenario because we all need friends in our life who loves us and cares for us enough to confront us when we are doing wrong.  It might not be what we want to hear, but when it is something we need to hear it will help us grow.

We read 2 Samuel 1-7, 13, but I first gave the backstory of 2 Samuel 11.  I shared that David, who should have been at war, was on the roof of his house.  While on the roof he spotted Bathsheba taking a bath.  He had her brought to him where he slept with her and she ended up pregnant.  He then brought Bathsheba's husband Uriah home from war.  He tried multiple times to try to trick him to going home so he would sleep with Bathsheba and would think that he was the father, but Uriah would not go home out of respect.  Finally David sent Uriah back to war with a letter for his leader saying to put Uriah at the front lines of the battle and when the fighting is fiercest to withdraw which would allow Uriah to be killed.  So David is not where he is supposed to be, lusts then commits sexual sin with Bathsheba.  He then tries to trick Uriah and eventually has him murdered.

In 2 Samuel 1-7 we read where Nathan confronts David.  They already had a relationship and it is important to note that in verse 1 that "the Lord sent Nathan" to confront David.  The confrontation opens David's eyes to his sin, he is convicted, repents and worships God.  David still suffered the consequences of his sin.  However the confrontation turned David's eyes back to God.  What if Nathan had kept quiet?  What would have come of David's life?  We all need someone like Nathan in our life.  We need someone who will walk with us, we can trust them, and they must walk with the Lord.  We need people in our life who will not simply say what we want to hear, but will say what we need to hear.  We need this type of person who will point us to Jesus.  We closed the night in prayer asking God to provide this person for us if we do not already have someone like this.  

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