Thursday, September 25, 2014

WNW 9/24/14 - Prayer Service

This week we are taking part in Global Week of Student Prayer and yesterday was See You At The Pole.  For our WNW service we had a prayer service that focused on See You At The Pole and the previous week's message when I gave the students an action plan for the days that they do not feel like spending time with God and praying.  We opened the night with two songs:  "Cornerstone" (Hillsong), and "How He Loves" (David Crowder Band).  I then explained what we would be doing for the prayer service.  Every student had a slip of paper under their chair that gave them an order to go to each prayer room.  This gave them the opportunity to pray with different students, yet each room went through the steps that I gave last week.

Station #1- Feelings
We read Jeremiah 17:9 and spent a few minutes discussing the excuses we make for not spending time in prayer.  After some discussion we spent some moments in silent prayer asking God to show us the excuses we make for not spending time in prayer.  After a few moments of silent prayer, a student closed in prayer before the groups rotated to another station.
Station #2- Admit
We read Lamentations 2:19 and spent some time praying and confessing to God the excuses we make for not praying.  After a few minutes we had a student close in prayer.
Station #3- Call
We read 1 John 5:14-15 and spent some time praying asking God to give us a greater desire for Him and a greater desire for prayer.  After a few minutes we had a student close in prayer.

We then gathered together in the main room of the youth house and circled up.  I then called out each school represented one at a time.  When I called out a school, the students who attend that school would go to the center.  We as a group would spend a few minutes silently praying for those students and for their school.  I then would call on a student to pray over them.  We would then do the same thing with another school until we prayed over all represented schools.

We then closed by thinking about the final part of the plan I shared last week- Exalt.  I read Psalm 100:5 and we sang two more songs:  "The Lord Our God" (Kristian Stanfill), and "You Are the Fire" (Dustin Smith).  It was a great night to really focus on prayer and making application of last week's message.

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