Thursday, June 12, 2014

MFUGE '14- Wednesday

We're at the halfway point of the week and to be honest this is where a bit of exhaustion sets in.  With that in mind I'm going to keep it brief.  Today was another great day.  We saw things go well on all of our ministry sites.  We had extended free time this evening and enjoyed spending some time out in Greenville.  The worship service and message tonight were incredible.  We were challenged today in the message and Bible study to "Be Last."  Pastor Erik closed the message with an example with buckets of water labeled "God", "Me", and "+" (everything else).  Too often we pour most of ourselves into everything else and little into God.  However in being last, we pour ourselves completely into God, hiding ourselves in Him.  As we met in our church group devotions I asked the students to share what God was speaking to them.  As several shared one thing is obvious- our students are burdened to see lost people saved.  So the question I would ask you to consider is this "How concerned are you that lost people need to be saved?"

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