Wednesday, June 11, 2014

MFUGE '14- Tuesday

Today was our first full day of camp and first day on our ministry track sites.  After our quiet time and breakfast we made it to Morning Celebration.  Five minutes in, the fire alarm went off and so we were required to evacuate.  Thankfully there was no fire and we were able to resume shortly.  After worship and Bible study, we headed out to our sites.  When we arrived back on campus we had a bit of free time before dinner and worship.  Pastor Erik's message was solid tonight as he preached the gospel.  He challenged us to ask ourselves "are we not something that we think we are?"  He used the example of how we often think we look one way when we run, exercise, etc. but in reality we look a certain way.  Sadly many people believe that they are Christians when in reality they have never truly made Jesus their Lord.  After a closing song of worship we were dismissed to our nightly church group devotion time.  We all shared about our experiences from the day in Bible study, ministry sites, and worship.  It was exciting to hear what the students had been involved in.  I am extremely proud of all the ways that God is using them, not only in ministry and challenging those who live in this area but also those attending this camp.  Our night life activity for tonight was cancelled due to storms since it was an outside activity.  Please continue to pray for us in many ways: strength, energy, health, open hearts, removal of distractions, boldness, obedience.

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