Saturday, June 14, 2014

MFUGE '14- Friday

Today was our last full day at camp.  I challenged the students on Thursday night to give their all and to return with no regrets.  Today's theme was "Be Bold."  We received an incredible challenge from pastor Erik Reid on the theme.  I took a lot of notes from tonight's message.  Here are a few things he said that stood out to me the most:
-Do we see Jesus as the Supreme Treasure above all other treasures
-When talking about sacrifice he said this: "We don't sacrifice anything, we receive everything."
-Many of us have chosen heaven over heal, but we haven't chosen heaven over earth
He shared the following to help fuel boldness
1) God Really is Sovereign
2) Jesus Really Knows the Danger
3) Eternity Really is at State
4) To Die Really is Gain
In our group time I challenged them that in order to be bold in their faith that they may have to give up something- particularly in friendships that have a negative impact.

This has been a really incredible year at camp.  So many great things have happened this week that it is hard to process it all into a blog post.  Thanks for the prayers and we ask that you pray for safe travels tomorrow as we return to Tennessee.  Also pray for our students to continue to grow in their walk with Jesus.

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