Thursday, June 19, 2014

After Camp Study- BE THERE

This week at WNW we began the first of three after camp lessons based on the "BE" theme from MFUGE.  This week's lesson was "Be There".  We began the night with a time of fellowship and nachos.  We then split into 2 groups to play several rounds of "reverse charades" where teams had to act out what they were told while a single person from each team was the guesser.  Afterward we discussed the challenges involved and how the guessers were dependent on the ability and willingness of their team to act out accurately the clue they were given.

We then read the story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:30-37.  It is a story that most are familiar with.  We discussed the story that Jesus was telling, then went back to understand why He told it by reading the verses before in Luke 10:25-29.  The expert in the law asked Jesus how to inherit eternal life.  Jesus answered by asking him the question "what is written in the law?"  He answered appropriately by sharing he is to love his neighbor.  He then asks the question "who is my neighbor?" who prompts Jesus to share the story.  The man here wanted to know what the minimal requirement of him was.  How often do we want to do the minimal possible to get by?

We then discussed in a bit more detail the story that Jesus told.  The Levite and the priest did not stop to help the man though they were the ones everyone expected to help.  They were expected to help people even if they did not want to.  We often do the same.  We discussed ways we can move from serving others out of obligation to serving out of compassion as the Samaritan did.  We read Romans 12:9-13 which mirrors what Jesus was teaching the expert of the law.  It is believed by theologians that the men in this story were returning home from their annual tenure at the temple.  In other words, they had been to their own summer camp.  They had met with God but had not put into practice the things they learned/experienced.  For some of us, we met with God at camp but maybe our lives already look just as they did before.  We passed out note cards and had the students write down Romans 12:9-10 on one side.  Afterward they turned their cards over and wrote down three things they can commit to help them keep their focus on God so they will love Him more and love others well in order to be there for them.

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