Thursday, May 29, 2014

No Excuses- Part 4

This week at WNW we wrapped up the "No Excuses" series.  We opened with a worship set that included "Marvelous Light" (Charlie Hall), and "One Thing Remains" (Kristian Stanfill). We then recapped the previous week and then split up to take some time to read and re-read Psalm 119:73-80.  After giving the students several minutes we split up into groups to discuss it verse by verse.  We talked about how verse 73 sets up this section of verses by acknowledging God's power and authority over us by creating us and how the psalmist asks for God's guidance in understanding His commands.  Then the rest of these verses is about the psalmist's life being lived as an example for others.  This is only possible after God has grown Him in understanding His Word.  The same is true for us.  We must grow in God's Word not for knowledge sake, but so that by growing in Him we can be used for His glory.  

We closed by gathering everyone together and discussing a bit of what each group talked about.  We also talked about some of the things that hold us back from reading as we should.  One thing discussed is that we sometimes do not know where to start.  We then discussed some ways we can start reading our Bibles- book studies, topical studies, even reading plans through avenues such as Youversion.  I ended it by challenging them to not only read Scriptures, but to pray them as well.  This passage is a great one to use as a prayer in our quiet times.  

This series was done in a completely different style but it was really fun to get the students involved this way.  Hopefully it has given them some ideas on how to grow in their individual Bible studies.

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