Thursday, May 22, 2014

No Excuses- Part 3

After a week with no WNW due to VBS, we resumed this week with the "No Excuses" series.  We opened with a worship set that included "Our God" (Chris Tomlin), and "Scandal of Grace" (Hillsong United).  We then spent some time praying over some of our own that are leaving for missions over the next week.  Christopher and Shane are going to spend a week doing medical missions in Haiti.  Kaite is spending the summer in Puerto Rico serving on staff with World Changers.  Malee is already in South Africa to serve several weeks in Cape Town.  We are so excited for their opportunities and cannot wait to hear reports from each!

We then spent several minutes as we all read through 1 Samuel 8 where Israel demanded a king.  We then split into four groups to discuss the following questions:
1) What was Israel's problem? - They wanted a king
2) Why did they desire a king? - Because they wanted to be like all other nations
3) What was wrong with this desire? - Their desire to be like other nations was more important than following God
4) Did their desire to be like other nations lead to other sins? - Yes- particularly idol worship
5) Do we ever feel a pull to be "normal" like the rest of the world/society?
6) Who defines what is "normal"?
7) How should we measure society's standard of "normal"?
8) Do Christians ever compromise with the world around them?  How so?
9) If you withstand the pressure to be "normal" and are different, will you face opposition?  Is the opposition worth it?

We then came back together as a group and heard from each group a little bit of what was discussed.  Each group had great insight that was different from the other groups.  It was a great night altogether.

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