Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why?- Part 2

Last week at WNW we continued the series "Why?" looking at the life of Jesus.  We began the night by playing a game of "Who Wants To Win A Cadbury Egg?"  Then we went into a worship set that included "Forever Reign" (Kristian Stanfill), "Scandal of Grace" (Hillsong United), and "Lord Our God" (Kristian Stanfill).  

After a brief review of the previous week I explained how once again understanding the deity and humanity of Jesus is complex.  However, though it is complex we are not excused from looking to Scripture to understand as much as possible.  I showed a funny video where 2 cartoon figures are asking St. Patrick to explain the Trinity in basic terms since they are uneducated.  After several failed attempts that were each refuted by the 2 men, St. Patrick explains in deep theological terms and explains that our understanding is faith based.  They then reply "well why didn't you just say that to begin with."  

This week we looked at "Why did Jesus have to be fully human?"  I had the students share examples of Jesus' humanity and we looked up supporting verses.  We came up with the following:
-Jesus referred to Himself as a man- John 8:40
-Jesus had a human mother- Matthew 1:18
-Jesus had the appearance of a man- John 4:9; John 20:15
-Jesus displayed human emotions- John 11:35
-Jesus had physical limitations:  fatigue John 4:6; He needed sleep Mark 4:38; He became hungry Matthew 21:18; He became thirsty John 4:7
-He died- Luke 23:46

So now that we looked at verses that points to Jesus' humanity, we must answer the question "Why did He have to be fully human?
1) To reveal God to us in a way that we could understand- John 1:14
2) To provide an example of how we are to live- Ephesians 5:1-2
3) To provide us an example of victory over temptation- Hebrews 2:18
4) He had to be a real man in order to die, because God cannot die

So our response to this is worship because He lived on earth just as us.  He was tempted yet He was without sin.  He endured pain just as we do.  He died a terrible death to that we could be set free.

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