Monday, September 23, 2013

Global Week of Student Prayer '13- Prayer Guide

Sunday September 22 kicked of Global Week of Student Prayer.  This Wednesday will be See You At the Pole.  Instead of having a one day prayer effort, this year an entire week is dedicated to calling our students to join together and prayer.  We made the following prayer guide available for everyone this week.

Sunday September 22, 2013
This verse tells us that if we pray, seek Him, and turn away from our sin that God hears us, forgives us, and brings healing and restoration in our lives.  Today, seek God in prayer, asking Him to reveal anything in your life that is offensive to Him.  Pray for forgiveness and turn away from the sin.  Pray that you will make yourself available to grow in Christ during this week of prayer.

Monday September 23, 2013
Today’s prayer focus is on your school, and the schools in this community.  Lift up in prayer our school administrators and teachers.  As you pray for your own wisdom, also pray for their wisdom in leadership.  Ask God to surround them with godly influences that can influence them with the gospel.  Pray that they will lead those in need of salvation to Jesus.

Tuesday September 24, 2013
Today, make your prayer focus on our government:  local, state, and national.  Pray that Christian leaders will rise up, taking a stand for Jesus in the decisions that they make and influence others to follow Him.  Pray for our leaders that need salvation in Jesus Christ.  Pray that they will have opportunities to hear the gospel and that their hearts will be receptive.

Wednesday September 25, 2013
Today at schools across America, students will be taking part in See You At The Pole.  This is a global movement of prayer led by students.  Today, pray for the safety of our students as they are involved in this effort.  Pray for Christian students to rise up and lead their schools to revival.  Pray that this is a moment where only Jesus is glorified, and not individuals.

Thursday September 26, 2013
As you pray today, ask yourself if you are seeking God with all your heart.  If not, confess, receive forgiveness, and pursue God as you should.  Pray that He will use you as His mouthpiece today.  Pray that He will give you opportunities to share your faith with others.

Friday September 27, 2013
Today pray for lost students in our schools.  Pray that they will see their need for a Savior, and pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Pray for our Christian organizations such as FCA, Teens for Christ, etc.  Pray that God will use the students and teachers involved to reach out to those who need Jesus in their life.  Pray that lost students will see that the only way to be saved is through Jesus Christ alone.

Saturday September 28, 2013
As we wrap up this Global Week of Student Prayer, spend some time again praying for our government:  local, state, and national.  Spend time praying for their salvation.  Praise God for our religious freedoms that we can worship with no fear.  Pray that this will continue and that our religious freedoms will not be taken away.

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