Thursday, June 13, 2013

MFUGE '13- Day 4

I first want to go back and highlight a few things from day 3. It was so late when this first thing occurred that I waited to post it until he could call his parents and tell them. After we got back in the dorms Wednesday night I had the privilege of talking with Kevin and leading him to be saved. We had an awesome time celebrating with him. I also wanted to share my favorite quotes from students during our group devotion time.
-"Evangelism isn't something to be practiced between 10 and 3."  This was from Shane as he shared his conviction and burden to witness more. 
-"I pray that The Lord will give me opportunities no matter the circumstances." - Phillip

Thursday was another great day. Sadly I didn't take but a couple of pictures. I have some to share that I got off Instagram. Today the Bible study focus was on the Holy Spirit and how he helps us by guiding us, comforting us, and convicting us. The message tonight was from Luke 22:39-51; 23:32-46. Our camp pastor spoke about the moment when Jesus was in the garden right before his arrest and crucifixion. The line he said that spoke to the most was "If you don't give up control, God can't transform you."  After a great time in group devotions we went to night life where several different games were played. We had the option of dressing up as a tacky tourist but the only one from our group that did was Tristan. His outfit was amazing and even got him on stage for a few minutes!

Please pray for us as we go on ministry tracks for the final time tomorrow. Pray for strength as we are all very tired. Pray for a good nights sleep tonight so we can be fully alert tomorrow and ready to serve. 

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