Wednesday, June 12, 2013

MFUGE '13- Day 2

Today was our first full day of camp which means we went on our ministry sites for the first time. We started off the day with a personal quiet time, worship, and group Bible study before heading to our sites. After a few hours I saw the following picture posted on Instagram:

That is two of our students- Hayden and Christopher leading a child to be saved!  That is why we are here! We came to serve and have an impact on this city furthering the kingdom of God and this is exactly what is happening. 

After being back on site we had a little free time, dinner, and headed to worship. Tonight's message by our camp pastor Aaron Schwartz was one of the best ever. He taught from Genesis 1 on God's love for us. One of the main things that stood out to me was was the question he raised "Why do we look to other people to find our self worth?" We must find our value from God and His incredible love for us. After worship we had group devotions and discussed the message a bit further and heard from everyone about their ministry sites. We really had a great time together during devotions. We also discussed a little further the thought from the previous night that the big picture of this week won't necessarily turn out quite like we planned, but that is a great thing. My favorite statement came from Christopher when he talked about not getting in the ministry track he most wanted and leading the child to be saved today. He said "Through not getting what I wanted, God saved a child."

The last four pics are from our Night Life activity which was a photo scavenger hunt. We competed hard and even though we didn't win we got 3rd place out of 31 churches!  I am proud of our students for the ways they are being used this week, how they are growing closer as a group, and growing in their relationship with Jesus. Please pray we get rest and are ready for tomorrow. 

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