Tuesday, June 11, 2013

MFUGE '13- Day 1

We made it!  Mfuge 2013 has officially began!  We are so excited to be back in Greenville, SC and see what all God has in store. We drove in a little rain but by the time we made it to Greenville we were looking at blue skies. The ride over had plenty of great laughs and stories we will be talking about for a while. We got settled into our dorms, ate dinner, and headed to opening worship. It is obvious already that we are blessed with a great camp pastor and worship leader. We were split into our ministry tracks to prepare for the week.  We came back together as a church group and had group devotions. Our theme is "The Big Picture" and we will be looking at the large overall picture that Scripture points to which is restoring our broken fellowship with God. I shared with the students that we all have an idea of what the big picture of our lives should look like in our minds, however it isn't always the case. We all came into this week with an idea of what we hoped the week would look like. I challenged the students to let go of that idea and be willing to let God make it what He wants it to be, even if that is different than what we want. His will is best for our lives and we spent time in prayer asking Him to open our hearts to whatever His will is. We had some share the ways that He is already moving here. I am so excited that I have the opportunity to spend the week with such a great group of students and am excited to see all that God does.

Here are some pictures of from today. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @opposite_way and by searching #cbcfuge13 

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