Thursday, May 30, 2013

Younite 2013 Promo Night

This week at WNW we took the time to promote our local summer camp called Younite.  We began the night with a medley of songs from previous years at Younite:  "All That Matters" (Addison Road), "Running to You" (Newsboys), and "Good To Be Alive" (Jason Gray).  We also sang from last year "Forever Reign" (Hillsong) and "The King Is Coming" (Newsboys).  During our prayer time we focused again on our upcoming MFUGE camp and prayed for our own hearts to be changed during this week.  After the last song we showed last year's Younite video.

I shared a little history of Younite.  It is crazy to believe this is the fifth year!  I shared how God had led us to Nashville for MFUGE summer 2008 to gain the perspective that people close to home need to be served as well.  While there God stirred in me the dream and vision to do the same thing in Athens.  It was there that Younite became a dream of mine.  I wanted the name of the camp to revolve around unity as I see disunity in the church as one of the greatest deterrents of people coming to Christ.  I also felt that unity was something that was greatly lacking in the youth ministry at the time.  So we decided on the title "Younite" and began using the phrase "Unity Begins With You".  I then went through each year talking about the theme, showing the logo, and talking about the projects we did.

To get to this year's Younite theme, we opened our Bibles to Deuteronomy 31:8 which will be this year's theme verse.  In this moment, Moses is commissioning Joshua to soon take over as the new leader of the Israelites.  Moses is about to die right before they enter the Promised Land because of his disobedience in Numbers 20.  He is boldly giving these instructions to Joshua that he has nothing to fear.  The thing is, we all have fears whether it be heights, darkness, snakes, bugs, etc.  However there are greater fears that we all face such as fears in times of uncertainty, doubt that we are good enough, fear that God will stop loving us.  We know the truth around these but sometimes we still have fears.  While most people would agree that the opposite of fear is courage, my opinion is that the opposite of fear is belief.  When we believe in the One who says He will be with us through it all, He will go ahead of us on the journey, He will never leave us, then fear is eliminated.  So this year's theme is going to be called "I Believe" based on Deuteronomy 31:8 and the song "I Believe" by Jason Castro.  When we see how Moses spoke to Joshua was such confidence, we have to wonder how he got to this point in life.  So we are going to look at the life of Moses and the things he experienced to get to this point of believing this with his all of his heart.

The kickoff for Younite will take place at WNW July 24th at 6:30.  This is going to be an exciting night where we get ready for what God is going to do in us and through us during this camp.  Students will stay the night in homes Wednesday through Sunday.  Each morning they will come to the youth house from their host home to eat breakfast, Bible study, and worship service.  They will then go and serve for 4-5 hours.  We are currently working on this year's project.  Afterward each day they will clean up and rest a bit before coming back to the youth house to eat dinner and have our nightly worship service.  After that there will be a nightly fun activity.  Sunday after church everyone will go home and crash!  The cost of this is only $40!  We calculated that it should cost each student around $175 but in order to make it as affordable as possible we have made it as low as we possibly can.  This $40 includes a t-shirt, another surprise item, all meals, etc.  It is due along with registration forms by July 7th.  I am also excited that my good friend Teddy Winter is coming back to be a part of Younite this year.  Please pray for us as we get ready for this week.  Pray for all details to line up according to His will.  Pray that God will use to have a great impact on this city and that He will move greatly in our own hearts.

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