Monday, February 18, 2013

Reminders- Part 4

This past week at WNW we wrapped up the "Reminders" series.  We opened with a worship set with "Marvelous Light" (Charlie Hall), "Cannons" (Phil Wickham), and "You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)" (Michael W. Smith).  We watched the final Reminder Man video then went into the message.

We wrapped up the series by looking at what a true friend looks like.  We had an open discussion about the qualities that we look for in friends like honesty, common interests, fun to be around, etc.  The most important part when thinking about friendships is the quality more than the quantity.  Jesus had hundreds of followers, but only 12 disciples, and within that group 3 close friends.  Sometimes we focus on having many friends, but should focus on having the right kind of friend, and being the right kind of friend as well.

In talking about those qualities we like in our friends, I said that the most important quality is love.  I don't necessarily mean a romantic love, but a friendly love which I will get to.  We read 2 John 1:5 where John gives them the reminder that we are to love one another.  We see where John had been taught this earlier in his life by Jesus in John 15:13.  Jesus says that the greatest way of showing love is by dying for them.  He demonstrated this by dying for us.  We may not need to necessarily show our love for our friends by dying for them, but we do need to show them this kind of love and point them to it.

We then read Mark 2:1-5 where the four men bring their paralytic friend to Jesus.  They saw that their friend had a great need.  The house was full but it didn't stop them.  They went on top of the house, dug through the roof and lowered him down to Jesus for healing.  Jesus told the man "you're sins are forgiven" which got the people flustered.  They knew that only God can forgive sins, but they were missing the reality that Jesus is God.  The man was in more need of spiritual healing that physical healing, but Jesus gave both.  The friends saw that this man was in great need and nothing would stop them from getting him to Jesus.  They could have waited until the house cleared out, or maybe waited for another day when hopefully Jesus would not be so busy.  Instead they went to extreme lengths to make sure their friend saw Jesus.  That is what a true friend is.  It is way more than getting along and having common interests.  While those things are definitely important, you have to ask yourself if this is the type of friend you are.  Do you point your friends to Jesus.  You are either pointing them to Jesus or to the world.  It can't be both.  The question also has to be asked "are your friends pointing you to Jesus or dragging you down".  We began the series by talking about how we are to give up everything in order to obtain the treasure that is Jesus Christ.  This may mean you have to deny yourselves of some friends.  It may mean that you have to separate yourself from certain people because you know they are bringing you down.  It does not mean that you turn your back on them.  You continue to pray for them and pray for opportunities to arise where you can share the gospel with them.  So ask yourself if you are being the friend that you need to be.

Here is the final video in the "Reminder Man" series.

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