Monday, February 4, 2013

30 Hour Famine 2013

A couple of weeks ago we participated in the World Vision 30 Hour Famine for the 5th year.  I began to wonder going into this year if this had run its course, but the more I considered it the more I was convicted that we must do this.  This is fulfilling James 1:27 and we must continue on.  The students responded this year greatly!  Our goal going into this weekend was to raise $1000.  Well they laughed at that goal and raised $3615.14!  This will feed 10 children for an entire year!  I am so proud of our students for stepping up this way.  They not only raised money, but their own awareness was raised to the terribly horrific fact that a child dies every 13 seconds from hunger and hunger related diseases.

There were a couple of highlights from the weekend that really stand out in my mind.  The first was that after we had been gathered together for nearly 3 hours we took a walk to our church's cemetery.  There are currently 677 graves in the cemetery.  We took a moment to think about the fact that during the short 3 hours we had been together that more than this many people had died due to hunger related diseases.  This definitely put a visual to the numbers we had been discussing.

The other moment that stands out was that each Wednesday we put together sack-packs to send home with some students at our local school who maybe do not get to eat on the weekends.  While we were hungry during the fast, we packed the next week's sack packs.  It was a humbling reminder of how hunger is real and close by.  The students were even making comments about how the items we were packing looked good.  We packed double the amount usual and I had the students hold the second pack in their hands and look at it.  Then I told them that this would be the meal they eat to end the fast.  The cool thing is that there was no complaint that it wasn't a greater meal.  Instead that moment there was gratitude and it was apparent in their reaction.  

This was simply an amazing weekend.  I am so proud of our students and the difference that they are making not only globally, but locally as well as we strive to end hunger.  I think my favorite quote from the weekend was spoken at our final discussion time by Shane: "Hunger is real, and it exists only a block away."

Please take the time to watch this video that shows not only a small portion of the fun times we had together, but student testimonies about why they did this and how they were feeling through the process.

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