Thursday, December 6, 2012

WNW 12/5/12- Prayer Stations

This week at Wednesday Night Worship we spent the night worshiping mainly through prayer in prayer stations.  We began the night by singing "O Come All Ye Faithful" and "How Many Kings" (Downhere).  I then explained what we were doing and challenged the students to spend the night in conversation with only them and God.  Here are the stations and what they had on the prayer guide to focus on at each:

1)  Sack-Packs
Each week we put together these sack-packs to send home with families who possibly do not always have enough food to eat.  In the kitchen make a sack pack by taking a bag and placing 1 of every item in the bag.  Do not tie the bag yet (taking it to the 2nd station).  If you have enough food to eat on a daily basis then thank God for what you have.  When you are finished, quietly go on to the 9th and 10th grade room.

2)  Encouragement
We pack these meals each week and sometimes may not think much about the home that it is going to.  Take some time right now to write a word of encouragement or share your favorite Bible verse.  If you need some inspiration or help then look at the sample letter on the table.  Once you have written the letter, fold it and place it in the bag and tie the bag in a single knot.  Take a moment to pray over the bag and pray that God would use it to bless the family it is going home to.  Then place it in the box and quietly move on to another room.

3)  Christmas or Consumer
Take a look around (the walls were plastered with sale papers from Black Friday).  The bargains, sales, and purchasing the right gift can often overshadow the true reason of Christmas.  We know that we celebrate Christmas because Jesus came to earth to give His life for us.  Take some time and pray right now asking God if you are focusing too much on the consumer aspect of Christmas.  Pray that He would help you focus on the real meaning this year.  Also spend some time praying for those who are caught up in the consumer aspect of this time of the year that sadly overshadows Jesus too much.  When you are finished move on to another room.

4)  Don't Miss Jesus
Every year you probably read the Christmas story but we often read it on Christmas Day or around that time.  Take some time right now and read the Christmas story in Luke 2:1-20.  Read it this time as if you have never read it before and let God speak to you through it.  When you are finished spend some time in prayer thanking God that He sent Jesus to earth and ask Him to help you not miss Him this Christmas season.

Afterward I read Matthew 1:23 that says Jesus is "God with us."  I said that for hundreds of years humanity had been waiting on a way to be reconciled to God and when Jesus born God was with us on earth living for His death where He completes the reconciliation in John 19:30 when He said "It is finished."  I told the students that we are here for them to pray with them at anytime if they are in need of prayer or need to know more about beginning a relationship with Jesus.  I have been praying for the students lately as I am broken for those who do not know Him or who are going through motions.  I am broken that they would come to know Jesus, experience Him, and follow Him like we were created for.  It was a great night and I enjoyed getting the opportunity to pray with a couple students throughout the night.  Great night of worship through prayer!

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