Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Work Day - 9/15

Last month we had a work day where we went did some work in an old cemetery on the property of Ms. Pickens.  We actually went there and did some work during Younite 2011 after some damage from a tornado, and it had not been touched since then.  We had a good group of students who came out simply for the purpose of serving someone.  It was really amazing how much more work was done in this cemetery as it is now in process of being restored as it should be.  Ms. Pickens is such a sweet lady.  She is 91 years old but does not appear to be a day older than 65.  She was kind enough to take us through the plantation home that she lives in showing us a lot of really neat items that have a lot of history behind them.  It was really a fun day as we were also able to fellowship as we worked.  As always I was really proud of our students for their hard work and willingness to serve others.

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