Thursday, September 27, 2012

WNW 9/27/12- Awaken Prayer Service

Since yesterday was National See You At The Pole day we spent our time at Wednesday Night Worship in prayer.  I began by sharing that with the students and how it was to be a night spent in prayer and worship, not talking or focusing on anything else.  We began by spending a few moments in prayer asking God to speak to us, empty us, remove distractions, and make us ready to have an experience with Him.  I then read Ephesians 3:14-21 which was the theme Scripture for SYATP.  I then directed them to the screen to read some verses and focus on God (Psalm 18:1-3, Psalm 9:1, Revelation 15:4, Psalm 27:4).  We then went into our first song "Beautiful" (Phil Wickham).

The next four prayers focused on the four parts of the this prayer that Paul prayed for the Ephesians in 3:14-21.  Each of these are not four separate things he is praying for, instead they are intertwined.

1)  Prayer for Strength (verse 16)
-I asked students to consider if they feel weak.  We spent this time praying for inner spiritual strength that only comes from God and to make sure we are only seeking Him for our strength.

Song- "Awesome God" (Vicky Beeching)

2)  Prayer for Depth (verse 17)
-When we gain strength in God, it then leads to a deeper relationship and experience with Him.  We must have a deep foundation in God in order to grow and so our faith will not waiver.  I asked the students to consider if they are seeking Jesus on a deeper level and if not then why.  I challenged them to pray for a greater desire to experience Him deeper.

Song- "From The Inside Our" (Hillsong United)

3)  Prayer for Apprehension/Comprehension (verse 18)
-Depth in God enables us to begin to apprehend and grasp (somewhat) God's great love.  I asked the students to ask God to show them His great love, because His love is the greatest love of all.

Song- "Son of God" (Starfield)

4)  Prayer for Fullness (verse 19)
-When we begin to apprehend/comprehend the vast love of God, the result is that we are filled with the fullness of Him.  Being filled with the Holy Spirit is often misunderstood.  What it means is to be at the point of total surrender to Him, willing to do whatever He leads us.  I challenged the students to pray to be filled, to be willing to go out and serve Him however He leads them.

I then read Ephesians 3:14-21 again and challenged them to go home and read it themselves, spend time praying these things again, and continue to draw nearer to Him.  We then sang "Forever Reign" (Kristian Stanfill).  I ended by saying to the students that it may have been a different experience for them, but that is good.  I told them that God desires to have a deep relationship with each one of us, and it is up to us to take advantage of that opportunity.

We closed the night by hearing reports from students that were involved in See You At The Pole at different schools.  We heard reports from Athens Middle School, EK Baker Elementary School, Mt. View Elementary School, McMinn Central High School, and Niota Elementary School.  It was good to hear how the students were not only involved, but also excited at the turnout and involvement of other students gathering together to pray.

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