Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tunnel Vision Part 2

Last night at Wednesday Night Worship was our second part of the Tunnel Vision series.  We began the night with a worship set of "One Way" (Hillsong United), "Song of Hope" (Robbie Seay Band), Christopher read Isaiah 6:1-6 before we sang "You Are Holy-Isaiah 6" (Radiant Worship), and then after the message we sang "Arms That Hold The Universe" (Fee).

I began the message asking students to share some of the largest things they have seen- buildings and landmarks.  We had things shared such as the Sears Tower, Grand Tetons, St. Louis Arch, etc.  I then asked the students to stop for a minute and think about how big God is.  This is another one of those questions that makes your head spin.  We sometimes try to think of the biggest building or landmark we have seen and think that He is a little bigger.  The truth is, God is much larger than anything we can imagine or visualize.  Our limited finite human mind cannot comprehend the greatness of God.  But instead of thinking about how big God is in regard to size, we focused on how we are not to have a limited view of God in regards to what He does or how He does things.  We are not to have a tunnel vision view of God and try to make Him fit a mold of what we think He should be.

We read Isaiah 55:8-9 and I gave a little bit of the background of the book of Isaiah.  Of course the book is written by and about Isaiah the prophet who was given a tough message to give to the people.  These verses are a reminder of how God's thoughts and ways are way beyond ours.  The way He chooses to do things is always perfect.  It is not he way we would choose to do things because our ways and thoughts are not perfect.  Sometimes we wonder why bad things happen in the world.  One reason is because of sin in the world.  Another reason might be to get our attention.  Then sometimes we just cannot understand on earth, but we have to trust that God has a great plan through it all.  This should not frustrate us but draw us closer to Him and grow our faith in Him.

I shared some dangers of having a tunnel vision view of God.  The first one is that we believe that our problems are bigger than He is and that He cannot intervene.  This is so far from the truth because He is so much bigger than any problem we face in life.  Also when we have a tunnel vision view of God we lose sight of why we are here on earth.  We forget that we were created for His glory and to serve Him.  In turn we end up going through life living for ourselves.

But when we begin to see how big God is our perspective of things change.  Even though we can never full grasp His greatness, our understanding that His ways are greater than ours changes our mindset.  We begin to have faith that God can intervene in our situations and we take comfort and rest in the peace that He provides us.  We begin to see how big God's love is not only for us, but for everyone on earth.  We see the cross that Jesus died on for us and it becomes our motivation for everything we do.  Then the main thing is that we begin to believe that God will use us. We stop believing the lie that He cannot use us, but instead we desire to be used for His glory.  In this moment God starts using us in ways that we cannot even imagine or comprehend.  He uses us where we are currently planted and He provides dreams for where He wants to use us in the future.  I know that in my own life when I come to the point that I believe that God can use me, that is when I am finally in the position to be used by Him.  It is in this moment that He provides opportunities and opens doors for me to share His love and have a godly influence on others.  My prayer is that you will not have a view of God that limits how He can use you for His glory.

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