Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Younite '12 Day 3

The last day of Younite was different and it went really well.  We started off the day like the others with a worship set that included: "Tell the World", "Happy Day", and "Like A Lion".  My throat was really feeling it so Joseph stepped in and sang for me.  The Bible study theme for the day was "Joy- Living With Joy Brings Joy to the Giver".  The verses used were Romans 6:11, James 1:2-3, Isaiah 43:2-3, and John 16:22.  We focused this day on the difference in happiness and joy.  Jason described it perfectly that happiness can change in any given moment, but true joy is not based on your circumstances.  

For our project this day we changed it up a bit.  At Fuge we had some that were in the Evangelism track and each day they went to a park and prayer walked, prayed with people, and shared their faith.  We went to our local Regional Park and did the same.  It was great hearing from the students some of their conversations where they were able to share with people and ask them how they could pray for them.  After lunch we went to the hospital to visit one of our student's grandfather.  He has been dealing with some sickness and we went to encourage him.  We may have encouraged him, but he encouraged us as well.  He is a retired pastor and he talked about being a witness and sharing the love of Jesus with everyone.  Very inspiring to say the least!

At our nighttime worship we changed things around a bit.  The students decided it would be nice to let Joseph lead and so mine and Ariel's voice could rest to lead at church the next day.  It was a simple set of Joseph on the acoustic, Jamin on the electric, and I played bass which was a lot of fun.  Our set list included: "Cannons", "Mighty to Save", and 2 others that are slipping my mind.  We had another great session with Teddy as he talked more about the difference in joy and happiness.  After some hanging out time we had our last group time which was really nice.  The students shared some of the experiences that stood out to them the most from the week and how God had impacted them.  Always an encouraging time for me.  We ended the evening with "movie night" by watching "A Goofy Movie".  When at camp one of our other leaders kept quoting hilarious lines from this movie and so it was really fitting to watch it.  When we announced that we were going to do that the students cheered.  It was a nice relaxing time as they got their pillows and lounged in the floor eating popcorn and candy while watching the movie.

I can't say enough how excited and pleased with how Younite went this year.  It was amazing to see the students serve, and grow closer to God each day.  I am so thankful that God has allowed me to be a part of this student ministry and see them become the men and women of God that they are.

Here are the morning videos we showed on Saturday.  The final rejected Younite theme and the video to announce movie night.

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