Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Younite '12 Day 1

After staying on Wednesday night and having a great kickoff service, along with some other activities, we woke up Thursday morning ready to go at it.  Our theme for the day was "Seize- Dead to Sin/Don't Waste Another Second".  The verses used in this day of the Bible study was Romans 6:11 (our main verse), and Romans 6:12-13.  The beginning of this study focused on being dead to sin.  We talked about how we are also presented with opportunities to serve God each day and must seize it while it is before us.  Leonard Ravenhill said "The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of that opportunity."  The line of the song "Good to Be Alive" that we focused on was "I won't waste another second."  We were really challenged with not wasting any opportunities that were before us take the opportunity to serve God.  Jason began the day with a hilarious story of a missed opportunity he had as a teenager which involved vomiting (you just had to be there).  The morning worship set included:  "Like A Lion", "Marvelous Light", and "Good to be Alive".

After our morning worship we set out on our first day of projects.  We worked these first two days at the new Full Circle Crisis Center building that they are about to move into.  We did various tasks such as painting, cleaning windows, cleaning floors, cleaning carpets, landscaping, etc.  The students worked extremely hard and it was great to be involved in helping out such a wonderful ministry.

After cleaning up, resting a bit, and eating a wonderful dinner we had our night worship service which included the songs:  "Our God", "SMS-Shine", "Hosanna", "Never Coming Down", and "Arms That Hold The Universe".  My friend Teddy delivered a great message looking who Jesus is.  We did things differently and circled up chairs so he could not only teach, but bring in some discussion.  We discussed how the world views Jesus and what the Bible says as well.

After the message we had some hang time and went into some group discussion about the day.  Students gave great feedback each day about what God had spoken to them on site, in the Bible study, worship, etc.  Afterward we played "The Singing Bee" which was a lot of fun.  Students showed the knowledge, or lack of, in Christian lyrics.  It ended in a sing-off between two students who still got everything right so we concluded with a duet.  A great first full day to say the least!

Here are the morning videos we showed.  The first video if the first in a set of "Rejected Younite Themes", while the second video is a commercial for "The Singing Bee".

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