Thursday, August 16, 2012

WNW 8/16/12- Group 2

Last night at Wednesday Night Worship group 2 led.  I ended up leading worship to fill in for Joseph who was unable to be there, but Mikaylee also played for her first time.  We played a set with:  "Good to Be Alive" (Jason Gray), "More Like Falling In Love" (Jason Gray), and "Happy Day" (Tim Hughes).  Every student in their group was involved during the night from worship, welcome, prayer, Scripture reading, and Kaite gave the message.  Her message was from 2 Corinthians 6 and 7:1-4.  I wrote down several of the things she said that stood out to me:
-You don't always worry until you think there is a reason to worry
-Our hardships should not define our life and our choices
-Any day you can call out to God for salvation and He hears you
-When you endure hardships, God is praised for it in the end by the fact that He helped you through it
-Credibility means believability- when enduring you show those who see that God has credibility
-Run as fast as you can toward Christ and those beside you are your true friends

Her final words to the group was to be real with one another, stick together, and unite with the purpose of Christ and God will do great things.  She used 2 Corinthians 7:4 as her main verse in saying that she also has confidence in the students that God will do great things in and through them.  She challenged us all to write out a list of all our hardships that God has helped us through in order to praise Him.

It was a really good night and a great message for our students to hear.  I'm excited for the road ahead for our students just as Kaite referred to.  I am looking forward to the words that He has placed on my heart for the coming season and I too have confidence in our students.  I have confidence that God wants to use them in ways that they cannot even imagine.

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