Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Acts 1:14- Prayer

I wanted to share some thoughts that I recently journaled about regarding prayer as I was reading in Acts 1:14a- These all with one mind were continually devoting themselves to prayer...  The word "devoted" is such a strong word in our language.  To be devoted to something is to be committed and loyal.  It is way more than just wanting to do it.  There are many things that I want to be devoted to but I am not.  The Greek word used here is proskartere√≥ which means to persist; keep on with devotion; to attend to constantly.

In other words they were constantly and persistently praying- a way that is far from us today and if I am honest, far from me.  I have recently grown convicted of my need for more prayer and consistently devoting time to it, but why don't I?  This, along with all sin, stems from selfishness.  Selfish in the fact that I see a greater need to pray for myself than to pray for others. Selfish in not spending the time with God that He deserves and desires from us.  

So how do I/we change this?  When we view prayer as the act of worship that it is and understand that worship is a lifestyle, then we can't help but be devoted to prayer as we grow and fall more in love with Jesus Christ.  When we realize that we get to instead of have to, talking to God is a privilege not a chore.  As this occurs I believe we will see what took place in the early church in the book of Acts- we will see countless numbers of people who are saved by the grace of Jesus Christ.

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