Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Pursuit- All For His Kingdom

This week at Wednesday Night Worship we wrapped up the after-camp study "The Pursuit".  We were off last week because it was the 4th of July, and the week before I was recovering from a terrible virus that landed me in the ER.  So I really glad to be back at it this week.  We began the night by playing a game of "Pantomime Gossip" or "Gossip Charades" where a student would begin by acting out a scene, then the student watching would act it out for the next and so on until the last person had the task of trying to guess what they were doing.  It was interesting to see how what they did changed with each person, but like how our words and actions can be changed over time.  We then went into a worship set that included "Song of Hope" (Robbie Seay Band) and "Breathe".

This week we focused on how all we do are for His kingdom.  Since God is pursuing us and we are to pursue Him back, it should influence others to want to pursue Jesus as well.  As Christians we are always representing Christ.  Whether we do so in a way that honors Him or tarnishes Him depends on how we live our lives each day.  We spit into groups to look at Scripture and discuss the following ways we are to share Christ.

Share Christ With Your Attitudes
-According to these verses, what aspect of Christ's character are we to imitate?
-Why is humility so important?
-What does verse 6 tell us about how He viewed His position?
-According to verse 7, what "form" did He assume?
-In verse 8, to what did Christ ultimately become obedient?

Share Christ WIth Your Words
-What do you think it means in verse 2 to "stay alert"?
-According to verse 6, how should your speech be?
-What do you think Paul meant that your speech should be "seasoned with salt"?
-List several ways that you words can hinder your witness for Christ.

Share Christ With You Actions
-Why do your actions matter so much?
-What are some practical ways you can show compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, acceptance, forgiveness, and love?
-Why is love "above all"?
-What happens when you begin to do absolutely everything for Christ, rather than for your own glory?

After discussing these as a group, we closed the night thinking about the game in the beginning and how it relates to the lesson.  Everything we say and do can be perceived differently than they are intended.  Also if we say we are Christ followers, but our attitudes and actions do not line up then our words have no value.  What you say will either be confirmed or cancelled by your actions.  Your behavior either points others to Christ or pushes them farther away.  We closed in prayer asking God to reveal which of these three areas:  attitudes, words, or actions do we need to be more intentional in sharing our faith.  Also which of these areas do we need correction in.

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