Friday, June 8, 2012

M-Fuge Day 4

I'm getting to post this way later than I anticipated so my post will probably be shorter. Today's Bible study focus was Stand and how we are to be unified as Christians. After our group set out to track we had a bit I'd a setback as one of our cans blew a tire. Thankfully it was on a highway and area that didn't have much traffic at the time and so he was able to easily get the van into a parking lot in order to put on the spare. We ended up being about an hour late to our site but it was fine.

Tonight's worship service was great. The pastor preached on community and used several passages of Scripture. Our group devotions time went well and one of the things that was brought up from their morning Bible study that sometimes people are Sunday only Christians, which was a thought that had been on my heart to mention for about a week. I challenged the students to consider that if this is how they are living their lives then they are leading people straight to hell. I also told them that they can be unified without Jesus being in the middle but that it would fail. The other thought that I left them with was a reminder of the sermon I preached a few weeks ago. I told them that it they are experiencing division anywhere that it first existed in their heart as they were divided against God.

Prayer Requests: good rest tonight and strength tomorrow on our last day on sites. The van as will be getting a new tire before heading home because we don't trust the spare. Boldness on our last day on site.

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