Thursday, June 7, 2012

M-Fuge Day 3

Day 3 at M-Fuge has been a long day but another great one. Our Bible study theme for the day was Proclaim as we looked at how we are called to proclaim the Gospel and share with those who need to know Jesus. After our track groups all were back on campus we were able to have extended free time to do whatever we wanted as a group. We went to downtown Greenville and walked through a beautiful park which happens to be the park where our evangelism track is working at. We then ate an amazing meal at the Italian restaurant Trio. This food was so good, but even more so after eating camp food. We then went to a few shops and before heading back to campus we stopped in a wonderful coffee shop called Spill the Beans.

We returned to campus for worship and group time and it was a great night. The pastor's message was from Mark 2:1-12 where the paralytic was brought to Jesus. As he taught through this passage he pointed out that when Jesus forgave their sins that He showed He is God and showed His authority. We were challenged with whether or not He has complete authority over us. If He truly does then who is it that we need to bring to Jesus like these men did in this passage?

In our Bible study time we shared our experiences on our track sites and what spoke to us during the Bible study and worship service. I closed by challenging them to spend some time before going to sleep and think about if a book was written about their lives. I asked them what would be written about how we proclaim Christ. Would there be anything written? And what would we like to be written? It was a great day like I said before as we had the opportunity to serve and spend more time bonding as a group.

Prayer Requests: Boldness in sharing the Gospel. Safety on track sites, I know that my group on Friday will be going to a rough area of Greenville. Good sleep and rest. That we all will be willing to follow God regardless of what it means and what it costs us.

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