Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sharing Your Faith

Last week at Wednesday Night Worship we spent the night thinking about sharing our faith. As we are approaching summer camps of MFuge and Younite it is great to think about this, plus it is a great reminder for us all as Christians.  We began the night with a worship set that included:  One Way (Hillsong United), Opposite Way (Leeland), Blessed Be Your Name (Matt Redman), I Give You My Heart (Reuben Morgan).  Then we watched a funny video from my good friend Jason Wallis on Bad Evangelism which you can watch at the end of this posts.

We discussed about why we should share our faith, which is obviously so others will be saved.  We talked about some of the excuses for not sharing our faith which is usually because we are scared and do not know what their reaction will be.  Another reason why people do not share their faith is because they are not believers.  You cannot share something that you do not have.  Some Scripture we looked at on why we share our faith were Acts 1:8, Matthew 28:19-20, and Acts 8:26-39.

First we talked about having a meaningful conversation.  It is best that you get to know them before sharing the gospel.  I shared an easy to remember acronym FIRM:
F= Family- ask questions about their family, siblings, etc.
I= Interest- ask about their hobbies.  What are some things they like?  This is the best way to have a conversation with a person you have just met anyway.
R= Religion- ask them if they go to church and if so where
M= Message- You share the message in two parts:  1) Your Story and 2) The Gospel

Your Story
-This should consist of three parts
1)  My life before Christ...
2)  How I met Christ and how He changed my life...
3)  How Christ impacts me today...
The 3rd part is where many people get hung up on because they are not seeking Christ in a way to allow Him to impact their life.

The Gospel
-There are many different ways to present the gospel.  You have to do it the way you most feel comfortable.  However any Gospel presentation must include our human sin problem, how it separates us from God, and how Jesus came to resolve it.  I shared 3 ways to present the Gospel.

1)  4 Part Gospel
-God- is Eternal (Psalm 102:12); is Holy (Revelation 15:4); created us and everything else (Genesis 1-2)
-Man- man is sinful (John 8:34)
-Christ- fully God and fully man (John 1:1, 14), He came to serve (Mark 10:45), He came to take our place (2 Corinthians 5:21)
-Response- our response is to accept Him, and love and serve Him back

2)  Gospel Key Words
-We looked at John 3:16 and took out key words to talk about
-Creation- God created everything
-Sin- man's sin separates us from God
-Jesus- Jesus came to live a perfect life w/o sin
-Cross- Jesus died to take the place of our sin
-Eternal Life- Jesus rose from dead and offers eternal life to all who trust in Him and repent
-Restored- When we trust in Christ, our relationship with God is restored

3)  Roman Road
-Probably one of the most familiar ways of sharing the Gospel
-Romans 3:23- All have sinned
-Romans 6:23- The wages of sin is death
-Romans 5:8- Christ died for us showing His love for us
-Romans 10:9- If you confess Jesus and Believe on Him you will be saved
-Romans 10:13- Whoever calls on Him will be saved
-Romans 5:1- Our Faith justifies us bringing us to peace with God
-Romans 8:38-39- When we are truly saved then nothing can take that away from us

In closing I challenged the students to let these things stir in their hearts as this coming WNW we are going to spend some time putting it into practice, working on our story and sharing it with each other.  I told them to never feel like a failure when they are obedient in sharing their faith if the person does not receive Jesus.  If they have followed God and have been obedient then they did their part.  They may have planted a seed for someone else to later work on.  I told them to be confident in sharing their story because God will speak through them.  I challenged them to pray for boldness in sharing their faith, and to also pray for opportunity.

Here is the silly video on how not to evangelize that we showed:

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