Friday, April 20, 2012

Disciple Now 2012 Kickoff

Last night was our kickoff service for our Disciple Now Weekend.  What an amazing night!  We had a great time of fellowship and worship and got the students excited about the weekend.  We are praying that God does miraculous things in the lives of our students.  I said on Wednesday that I hope and pray that God shows up and wrecks everyones plans in life.  While that may sound harsh, it really isn't because my desire is that they will allow God to have complete control of their lives, their hopes, their dreams, etc.

The theme for this Disciple Now is "The Pause: Learning to Seek God" and will focus on the why's and how's of having a daily relationship with Jesus.  Students lives are filled with everything you can imagine from school to sports to clubs and all the things that they think they have to be involved in and sometimes it leaves little room for a daily relationship with Jesus.  Throughout this weekend we will be looking at why it is necessary to hit the pause button on everything and spend time with God, and talking about how to make it a priority in our lives.  Please join us in praying for our students this weekend that this would be a life changing weekend!

Here are some pictures of the night and we closed the night by showing my silly Disciple Now video.  I always do a silly video, and it usually has my "Olympic Athlete" character.  This is also a reason why I had to show the "Guy On A Buffalo" videos for the students.  Hope you enjoy.

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