Wednesday, March 28, 2012

October Baby

Well for those who know me well know that I'm not really a movie guy.  I'm not sure why I have never been a huge fan, but I think it has something to do with sitting and doing nothing during that time.  I've also always said that if a movie didn't capture my attention in the first 10 minutes then it wasn't worth seeing.  I do believe my wife has been praying for me in this area as I'm not as bad as I used to be and I do watch more movies with her more often.  However going to the theater is something we rarely do for several reasons including the fact that it costs so much and we try to be thrifty spenders.  We did go this past Saturday and see the new movie October Baby.  It was only in 400 theaters across America and was up against Hunger Games, and along with being a Christian movie had the odds stacked against it.  It still did very well this past weekend despite all of this.  It's a shame because the movie is incredible!  This is by far the greatest "Christian" movie that I have seen.  Not only does the movie have an amazing story about the sanctity of life and how every life is important, but it also has and incredible story of forgiveness that everyone needs to see.  I was literally blown away by this movie and would go back and see it again today!  There are great elements of humor, a really well written story, and characters that are believable.  I want to encourage you to find where this movie is playing near you by going to and checking it out.  You won't be disappointed!  Also be sure to sit through the credits as there is an amazing story regarding one of the actors in the movie.

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