Friday, January 6, 2012

My Favorite Albums of 2011

As a music lover I wanted to list my favorite albums that came out in 2011.  There many great albums and here are the ones that stand out as the best.

-Jason Gray:  A Way To See In The Dark
This is my favorite album of the year by far, which I did a review of a while back.

-Michael W. Smith:  Glory
This is Michael W. Smith's second all instrumental album.  Michael is my all-time favorite artist and this has some great music to listen to and enjoy.

-Newsboys:  God's Not Dead
I have always been a huge fan of Michael Tait but when he first joined Newsboys I was a little reluctant.  No offense to any fans but the Newsboys hadn't been one band that I particularly cared a lot for in the past, but now I am a huge fan!  Earlier this year I got their album Born Again: Miracles Edition and it is phenomenal.  This album is as well and is one that I am currently listening to a lot.
-David Crowder Band:  Oh For Joy
David Crowder Band doing Christmas music.  What's not to love here?  The album cover with them as nutcrackers is one of favorite covers of all time.  Definitely a good album and I am so glad they did this before releasing their final one.
-They Came Running:  The Way You Shine
This is a local band and one of my favorite that includes one of my best friends.  I have been a fan since they formed in late 2007.  This is their first full-length album and is one that everyone should purchase.

So what was your favorite music from 2011?

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