Thursday, November 17, 2011

WNW 11/9/11 & 11/16/11

The past two weeks at Wednesday Night Worship the students led the service.  I was gone the week before and that night they split into groups and planned out their services from songs, lessons taught, who would pray, activities, etc.  Both groups did an amazing job and it's always really neat to see how the messages go together without them planning them that way.  Only God could!

Wednesday Night Worship 11/9/11- Group 1 Led by Mitchell
Group 1 was led by Mitchell and they opened the night by playing a game called Zoom-Erk (not sure how to spell that).  I'm not even going to try to explain the game but the "erks" are essentially like roadblocks which tied into their lesson.  After playing a round of this game we sang some worship songs.  They asked the youth band to lead and chose for us to sing:  Enough, O Come All Ye Faithful, Our God, Sanctuary, and Marvelous Light.  After the worship set, Mitchell taught a lesson about the "Erks" or roadblocks that are in our lives that hinder our spiritual growth.  He used several verses to go along with the theme and did an excellent job in challenging us all to identify those things that hinder us and get around them in order to grow closer to God.

Wednesday Night Worship 11/16/11- Group 2 Led by Kaite
Group 2 went last night and was led by Kaite.  They began the night by playing one of their favorites- the human knot/pretzel.  Then we played a couple of rounds of the looking game, where everyone is standing in a circle and look down and on the count of 3 everyone looks at someone's eyes.  If you make eye contact with the same person you are looking at then both are out.  After that the group did their own worship leading and sang: Jesus Loves Me, Go Tell It On The Mountain, and This Little Light of Mine.  Their lesson for the night was how we are all parts of one body and used 1 Corinthians 12:12-31.  Each person in the group read a few verses and then placed a part of the body on a cutout of a person.  It was cool how each student played a part in the lesson about how we all play a part in the body of Christ!  Afterward I shared how it was cool how the two lessons went together in the fact that we have to get rid of the roadblocks in our lives before we can properly function as a body of Christ.

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