Monday, November 21, 2011

Hearts on Fire Conference

This weekend we took the students to the Hearts on Fire Conference in Gatlinburg, TN.  We had an incredible weekend where we were challenged with Biblical preaching and an awesome concert.  David Nasser spoke on Friday night and did an amazing job.  I have been a big fan of David's for years and have always wanted to take the students to a conference he was speaking at.  He shared how he has been through many fires in his life, but the deliverance that Jesus provided him.  He challenged us with the truth that in order to be saved, we don't need a cleaned up heart, but a complete heart transplant and that when Jesus saves us, we are changed forever!  His invitation was probably the best I have ever seen done.  Instead of him having the worship band play, he had no music and had the house lights turned on.  He then said that if anyone knew that they needed to be saved to stand up.  He gave this opportunity for several minutes, and discouraged applause.  He did this in order for people to make a true decision for salvation and not make an emotional decision.  I was very glad it was done this way since one of my biggest criticisms of youth conference in general is the emotional factor that takes place.  David did an excellent job and I was glad we got to hear him.

Saturday morning started off with a concert by the David Crowder Band!  Crowder is one of our group's favorites and it was especially exciting since the band is hanging it up with their final album coming out in January.  Not only was this an exciting concert, but there was also a great element of worship involved.  

The last session on Saturday evening had Clayton King as the speaker.  I had never heard him speak, but knew of him.  Clayton gave an amazing message as well!  He spoke from John 6 and the different types of belief.  He gave an invitation very similar to David.  Many lives were changed this weekend and I am glad we were able to be a part of it.  I believe God did a great work in the lives of our students, as well as the adult leaders!

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