Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fields of Faith 2011

Last night instead of our regular Wednesday Night Worship service we joined with other teens in our area for this year's FCA Fields of Faith.  This is a nationwide event for teens to get together and pray, worship, etc.  Since it had been raining the moved it inside to the gym which actually worked our pretty well.  After some pizza and games, there was a time of worship and then three students shared their testimonies which was great to hear.  After that our very own Kaite got up to share her story and how Jesus has influenced her life and how He has called her into ministry.  She then shared that she along with other students would be performing a skit called "Set Me Free" that they will be doing in our upcoming Lucifer's Lies drama and how we all must accept Jesus and allow Him to set us free from the sin in our lives.  Afterward an invitation was given and a few students came forward to say that they had placed their faith in Jesus.  It was a great night and as always I am so proud of our students at Clearwater in how they are leaders in their schools and share the love of Jesus with others.

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