Wednesday, September 28, 2011

See You At The Pole- Niota School

Today is National See You At The Pole Day and I had the honor and privilege of speaking again this year at Niota Elementary School.  It was great to see the students there lead this event as they led prayers and read difference Bible verses about prayer.  We sang a couple of songs and then I was able to share a brief message and challenge with the students.  They estimated that about 170 students were in attendance which was incredible.

This year's theme for See You At The Pole is "Converge".  The word converge means to meet together from different directions.  I shared that the students had come from different homes in different areas, are in different grades in school, and even attend different churches but came together to meet to pray and honor the Lord Jesus Christ.  In Matthew 18:20 Jesus says to His disciples "For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst."  People at this time believed that you had to gather many together in order to pray or have a church type gathering.  But Jesus is saying that even if two or three gather in His name that He is a part of it.  I explained that gathering in Jesus' name means we gather to pray with His purpose in mind and not our own.  The Bible reveals many things that are within the will of God, but I specifically wanted them to think about the fact that God wants everyone to repent, be saved, and follow Him.  

I ended by challenging the students to not only converge to pray each year at See You At The Pole, but to converge each and everyday.  I challenged them to pray for one another and for their Christian witness, pray for their teachers, and to pray for their lost friends.  I told these students that Jesus influenced 11 disciples (could have been 12 but Judas didn't work out so well) to change the world.  We get to have See You At The Pole as a result of the work and prayer these men did.  So if 11 men changed the world for God, what could 2 or 3 students do to radically change a school.  I believe that God wants to bring revival to our schools and it must start with students who are committed to praying each and every day and living their lives completely for Jesus Christ.

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