Thursday, September 29, 2011

Prayer Stations- WNW 9/28

With yesterday being National See You At The Pole Day it was pretty much a given that we needed to spend the evening at Wednesday Night Worship in prayer.  I gave a brief message similar to the one I gave at Niota School's See You At The Pole about the Converge theme based on Matthew 18:20 and then we spent the evening in prayer.  This night was different than most of the times we do prayer stations because usually it is a night of self examination allowing God to search our hearts.  This night would consist mainly of praying for others.  However we did begin with a time of prayer in the main room where I challenged the students to remove any barriers in their own lives that are in the way of their relationship with Jesus.  After they spent some time doing that they were free to move on to the three rooms to pray for specific areas.  Each room had several pieces of paper in the middle for students to read and pray about the specific areas listed below.

Room #1- Pray for Lucifer's Lies
-Spend time praying for the upcoming spiritual warfare drama.
-Pray for everyone involved- cast, crew, directors, counselors, etc.
-Pray for strength and guidance in every step through this.
-Pray for the twelve performances that will take place.
-Pray for lost souls to come to the drama and be saved.
-Pray for Christians to be challenged in their relationship with Jesus and any who have turned away will return to fellowship with Him.

Room #2- Pray for Schools
-Spend time praying for the principal, teachers, staff, and administration involved in schools around the nation and in our area.
-Pray specifically for local schools (the names of many local schools were on one of the walls in this room).
-Spend time praying for your specific school.
-Pray for Christian students to be strong in their faith and be witnesses.
-Pray for lost students to make Jesus their Savior and Lord.

Room #3- Pray for Clearwater Baptist Church
-Pray that God will continue to give our church direction to follow Him.
-Pray that as a church we will be obedient to follow God.
-Pray for the lost who are attending and need to be saved.
-Pray for those who attend and need to return to Jesus.
-Pray for pastors, leaders,  Sunday School teachers, deacons, etc.
-Pray for our youth ministry that we will grow in Jesus and be used for His glory.

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