Monday, September 26, 2011

Chris Sligh Concert

Yesterday was an incredible day at Clearwater Baptist Church.  We were blessed to have Chris Sligh lead worship in the morning service and then he did a concert at night.  I have been a huge fan of Chris Sligh since I first saw him on American Idol.  The season he was on was the first season I ever watched and he grabbed my attention at his audition.  After his time on American Idol I began to follow him as he transitioned into the Christian music industry.  I remember hearing the song "Empty Me" and was amazed not only by his vocals but by the lyrics of the song.  So it was a no-brainer when I saw him tweet back in February that he was going to do a church tour in the fall and gave information on his website with some options for the tour.  We chose the option where he would lead worship in our morning service, playing with our church band, and then do the Sunday night concert.  After 7 months of work in regards to dealing with management, contracts, etc. the day was finally here.

Our band had practiced leading up to this worship service, but there was a bit of nervousness since we were actually playing with Chris Sligh.  Once he arrived we practiced with him and worked out some details and we were all ready to go.  I am still humbled that I had the opportunity to play guitar with him, but was humbled more so by his heart in worship.  Chris is a true worship leader connecting well with the congregation and leading us to the throne of God in song.  The set list for the day included:  How Great (one of Chris's new worship songs), How Great Thou Art, Our God, How He Loves, You Are Good (another of Chris's new worship songs), It Is Well during the offering, and Jesus Paid it All for the invitation.  We were excited because after the worship service Chris tweeted about the service in two tweets.  The first said that he did a scary thing by going into a church and leading w/ the church band that he had never met.  The second tweet said that it is scary because a lot of church bands are very, very bad but this band was really, really good.  It was such an honor to hear his comments like that.

That night he did an acoustic concert which was great.  Chris did a mix of some of his newer worship songs along with some of his radio hits and other songs off his albums.  One lyric from a new worship song called "For Our God" really stood out to me:  "We won't affect this generation with the truth if we aren't changed ourselves!".  Chris shared stories of what God has done in his life over the years and recently with his move to Colorado to become the full-time worship leader at a church.  

I am so thankful for this great day we had.  It was truly a refreshing day of worship.  I am glad to have the opportunity to host a concert with such a wonderful guy and hope to bring him back again in the future.  

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