Monday, August 1, 2011

Younite 2011 Summary

We finished Younite 2011 and it was such an amazing time!  My plan for this week is to go day by day with a summary of the Bible study, worship service, service project and show some pics of each day.  I am in awe of how God orchestrated everything together so well in a way that is beyond us.  I cannot thank everyone enough for helping out, the prayers and support, and time and effort that went into this camp.  I believe that God dealt with us all and did a great work in us.  I ask that you continue to pray for our students.  Pray that the words that were spoken to them will continue to have an impact on their lives.  Pray that their service will be used to further the kingdom of God.  Pray that they will continue to be united with God's purpose.  

So here is the wrap-up video we showed to the church yesterday.  Tomorrow I will post a more detailed summary of Day 1 and include some pictures.

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