Friday, August 5, 2011

Younite 2011 Closing

So we did something new with this year's Younite and that was have the students stay Saturday night and incorporated Sunday into it.  There was a Day 4 in there quiet time "Running to Jesus".  The students were to spend some time reflecting on each day of ministry on site, as well as focus on each day of the Bible study.  Then they were challenged to think of a plan of action that they would use to ensure that they run to Jesus.  They closed the quiet time by reading Philippians 3:12-16.  Daniel did the Sunday School lesson on this and allowed the students to share some of their experiences of Younite.

The youth band led worship at church and our song set was:  Hosanna (Praise is Rising), Song of Hope, Starry Night, Running to You, Invitation-Empty Me, and after everyone was dismissed we did Opposite Way.  Jason was filling in this week and his sermon title was Running the Opposite Way.  He preached on Luke 19:1-10 at the life of Zaccheus.  When Zaccheus met Jesus it changed him.  He didn't just talked about it, but he took action.  Jason said that the fruit of repentance is action, not lip service.  He challenged us to consider who are we in that crowd in these verses (thief, gossip, cheater, the person following Jesus at a guilty distance, etc.).  We have to take practical action and run the opposite way of the world.  The message was a great challenge to us all and was a great way to wrap up this year's Younite.

Here is a longer summary video that I made to show the students Wednesday night.

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