Thursday, July 21, 2011

Prayer Stations 7/20/11

This week for Wednesday Night Worship we did prayer stations.  We began the night in the main room of the youth house as a group and passed around a heavy bag of rocks.  I asked the students to imagine for a moment that the bag symbolized all of our burdens.  The bag was heavy, it was dirty, and weighed down whoever was holding it.  That's exactly how the burdens that we carry are.  They weigh us down and hold us back from accomplishing God's will.  Then everyone got a handful of rocks out of the bag and the bag began to get lighter. This is what happens when we bear one another's burdens in life.  Galatians 6:2 tells us to "Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ".  We are to carry one another during the hard times in life.  I then asked the students to spend a few minutes praying and asking God to reveal to them their own burdens that are weighing them down and to let the rocks in their hand represent their burdens.  Then after a few minutes of prayer I asked them to come lay their rocks in the altar as they lay their burdens at the feet of Jesus just as Psalm 55:22 and 1 Peter 5:7 tell us to.  I challenged the students to really pray for strength from God to not pick their burdens up and when they were ready to move on to another room to go ahead.

One room had chairs with papers in them that had a maze printed on it.  The instructions were to follow the maze with their fingertips and think about the people in their lives that have helped them along their journey in life.  Then take some time to thank God for them and what they mean to them.  They were also challenged to take a moment over the next week and personally thank them for what they have done in their life.

Another room had a prayer focus specifically on Younite that is next week.  One wall had a picture of Teddy Winter our camp pastor with a little information about him.  The students were to pray for him as he prepares messages for the nightly worship services and that God would speak through him the words that would pierce our hearts.  Another wall had a picture of Daniel Rogers who will be leading the morning Bible study and helping out in various ways.  The students were asked to pray for him and guidance in leading the Bible study each day and that God will speak truth through him.  Another wall had a picture and details of the band They Came Running who will be leading worship each night.  The students were to pray for them that God will lead them to the right songs that will lead us to the throne of God each night.

The last room had a Scrabble board with the instructions to take a few minutes to think about all of the attributes of God.  Then they were to add one of these words to the Scrabble board and take a few minutes reading the other words praising God for who He is.  We ended the night singing a few songs and I asked the students to share some of the words they placed on the board.  Some of those words were "mighty", "friend", "love", etc.  I told the students that as these words were connected on the Scrabble board, it is the same when we think about the attributes of God.  We can't say that God is loving and not be a friend, it doesn't work that way.  All of the attributes of God are connected.  We can have confidence in knowing that all of the attributes of God are true.

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