Thursday, July 14, 2011

Connect Through Service

This week we finished the Connect series as I talked about how we are to connect through service and serving others.  We focused mainly on Matthew 25:41-46, where Jesus is speaking about the end times.  In this passage He lets us know that when we serve "the least of these", we are actually serving Him.  We divided the students into 2 groups.  Group 1 had to come up with the ways we ignore the needs of those around us in each of the categories from the verses:  Hungry, Thirsty, Naked, Stranger/Lonely, Imprisoned, Sick.  Group 2 had to come up with the ways as believers we can fulfill the needs of those in each of the same categories.  We then discussed each category as a group as they shared what they had come up with.  One thing that I was impressed with the students on is that not only had they discussed physical hunger and imprisonment, but spiritual hunger and imprisonment that people face.  

After discussing these categories I challenged the students to think for a moment about these categories in terms of the people they go to school with.  I wanted them to think about the hungry, thirsty, lonely, etc. at their school and how they should serve them.  I then read John 13:34-35 to them about how people we know we are Christians by our acts of love for others.  As we closed I challenged the students to think about the ways that they each most ignore the needs of those around them, and decide how they are going to change that.

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