Thursday, June 9, 2011

VBS 2011 Night 4

Continuing on in VBS, night 4 was a blast just like the others.  We began the night by playing a game of wiffle ball, which was interesting.  Then after cooling down, watching a silly video, and a worship set we dove right into the lesson.  We broke into group to take a look at how we can help others become Christians.  It is easy for us to talk about those things we know about.  The same goes with talking about Jesus and our faith.  If we do not know much about Jesus, then we can not share with others about Him.  We broke this down by looking at the following three points.

1)  Start With Where They Are- John 4:1-12
-In this passage Jesus encounters the Samaritan woman at the well.  Normally a Jewish person would not even associate with a Samaritan, however Jesus did not see this woman the way most would.  
-You have to meet a lost person where they actually are physically, but you also need to meet them where they are emotionally and understand what they may be facing in order to make a connection.
2)  Connect the Ordinary With the Spiritual- John 4:13-26
-Jesus talks about the living water that she is in need of, which is Him.
-We discussed how we can connect with people in everyday situations that they may face.
3)  Encourage Other Believers to Share- John 4:27-42
-The beauty in this passage is that once the Samaritan woman is changed by Jesus, she is not quiet about it and many others are saved as a result.
-Not only are we commanded to share our faith, but here we read an example of how it actually works!

When we are changed by Jesus, we should not be quiet about.  We should not even be able to be quiet about.  The Samaritan woman could not be quiet and as a result many became believers because of her testimony.  The thought we closed with for the night is this:  You can't share something that you do not have.  It's simple, if you do not have a relationship with Jesus, then you can not share with others about what one looks like.  

Here are some pictures from Day 4:

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