Wednesday, June 8, 2011

VBS 2011 Night 2

I'm just now getting a chance to update on the past couple of nights in VBS but they have been great.  After playing a few intense rounds of amoeba tag and some worship, we dove into the night's lesson.  The life question was "How can I show my love for Jesus".  We opened up with a discussion of talking about the things in life that we love.  How do you know if you love something?  It shows doesn't it?  So if we love Jesus then our life will reflect it.  We looked at the Scripture of where there woman washed Jesus' feet with her tears, perfume, and her hair.  We see a beautiful example of how our love for Jesus leads us to action and looked at the following points.

1)  Love is Generous- Luke 7:36-38
-At this moment a pharisee invites Jesus to his house and the woman who was a sinner began to wash Jesus' feet.  She shows her love through a generous act.
-The woman washed Jesus' feet using the perfume/ointment from an alabaster jar.  This was probably her most valuable possession costing nearly a year's worth of salary for the average person.  In other words, she was giving Jesus her best gift.  Think to yourself, would you ever give your most valuable gift to Jesus?
2)  Love Responds to Forgiveness- Luke 7:39-43
-At this moment the pharisee responds to Jesus by saying that if He knew who was touching His feet, a sinner, that He would not be so receptive.
-Jesus then tells a parable of two debtors who both were forgiven of their debts.  One owed a small amount and the other a large amount.  This was to show that if we have been forgiven of much, then we should be grateful and respond with love.
-The pharisee was probably not talking quietly about this woman.  She would have been sitting right there and hearing his hurtful words.  Do you ever put anyone down?  Do you ever look down on someone else because you do not think they are as good as you?
3)  Love Reveals Kindness and Faith- Luke 7:44-50
-Jesus points out that this woman shows kindness to Him and that her faith is revealed through her actions.  What do your actions say about you?  Would the people around you say that you are a follower of Christ?

As we closed the night we took a moment to reflect on whether or not our actions are reflecting our love for Jesus.  When we consider His love for us and His forgiveness, we have no other way to respond but to take action in following Him, serving Him, and sharing that love with others.  Answer this statement to yourself:  "Because I have been forgiven, I will (fill in the blank).

Here are a few pictures from the night.

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