Friday, June 10, 2011

VBS 2011 Night 5

We wrapped up VBS last night with our final lesson.  After playing some frisbee keep-away and a worship set we looked at how we can live our lives out in Christ.  As we closed the week we brought everything together with the following points:

1)  Obey What God Says- Acts 1:1-11
-They disciples were told to wait in Jerusalem, and so that's exactly what they did.
-Sometimes obeying God means we have to wait on Him.  Not because He is slow, but because His timing is perfect and He may want us to grow closer to Him while we wait.
2)  Talk About God- Acts 2:1-6; 36-40
-When we think of how an electronic device such as a cell phone works, we understand that there is a power source.
-The Holy Spirit is our source of power once we are saved.  
-When we talk about God, the Holy Spirit speaks through us.
3)  Be Active in Church- Acts 2:41-47
-We see in this passage the early church and how they started- and were effective.
-Going to church is not enough.  You must listen, make yourself available, and apply what you hear taught.

As we closed the night I asked the students to take some time to consider if they are having a consistent prayer life and daily time of reading the Bible.  Until you make an effort in these areas you will never grow as a Christian and will not be able to be used by God.

Here are a couple pictures from the night.

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