Friday, June 17, 2011

MFUGE 2011 Day 4

Today we wrapped up our last day of going to our track site.  My group specifically went to another apartment complex to spend time ministering and playing to the children that lived there.  Today's Bible study was about connecting to family and friends.  The scripture we looked at was in Matthew 17 when Jesus took Peter, James, and John upon the mountain of transfiguration and also in Matthew 16 when Jesus foretells His death and Peter rebukes Him.  The worship service tonight was very powerful.  We have all grown to love the song "Like a Lion" by David Crowder Band as it has been so powerful to sing this week.  In our group devotions I challenged the students to again consider Matthew 17 and this inner circle that Jesus had that included Peter, James, and John.  We also need an inner circle of believers that together we grow closer to God, challenge each other in our walk with God, and speak truth to one another.  As I wrapped it up for the week I told them how I had considered and prayed about what to say and how there is the usual "take this passion back home" and "don't let the fire burn out".  However as I considered this I kept coming to the phrase "Be Real".  I explained that over the past bit we have discussed and learned about what it means to be a true Christian- a Christ follower.  Since we know this, then we need to go home and be real as a Christ follower.  The world is looking for people who will not only claim to be a follower of Jesus, but that their life matches that as well.

I tried to take a lot more pictures today.  Tonight was Mega Relay which was fun to watch the students compete and see their game faces.  Of course Cardboard Joseph continued to be ever so popular!

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joseph is looking a little rough this wk is wearing him down!