Thursday, June 16, 2011

MFUGE 2011 Day 3

Another day of MFuge is complete and it was another great one.  Today's Bible study lesson was on respecting those in authority.  A tough topic but one that is definitely necessary for all of us to hear.  My track group visited a special needs group at a local church and participated in a worship service with them.  Then after lunch we did a worship service at a local nursing home.  The worship service tonight was excellent.  The music was powerful in the beginning and then we were challenged further in this area of authority.  Pastor Erik spoke about how Jesus' authority over us is rooted in our relationship with Him.  The purpose of God is not to get us to be good by following a bunch of rules, but for us to be His dedicated follower.  We can follow all rules, but if we do not love God and love others then everything else falls and is worthless.  After the invitation the worship band came back out and led a few more songs, and it was really what I needed personally.  As I work to make sure everything is in order for our group, I still need to take a breather and allow God to speak to me and this was a moment of refreshment.  As we sang one of my favorite worship songs "Hosanna", my favorite line of the song spoke to me once again:  "Break my heart for what breaks Yours!"  In these few minutes of worship I sensed the Holy Spirit lead me to change what I had planned for group devotions.  Instead we had some discussion about how the day was and what God was speaking to the students with, or what they are struggling with.  After a great time of sharing we spent time in prayer.  I asked the students to pray quietly considering what had been taught today, and if they needed to they could pray with one another.  During this time I spent a few minutes with each student asking them about their prayer needs and praying with them individually.  I don't know about them but this was really good for me.  I love these students and I love hearing their fears, concerns, needs, and lifting them up to our incredible God.  I am so thankful for this group of students and what God is doing in their lives this week.

A few notes of fun:  I kept my winning steak alive by winning a cool Fuge coffee mug.  We have an incredible church group leader.  I actually wore a jacket at camp for the first time ever because I'm usually sweating buckets but not today.  Tonight was the variety show and while it wasn't as "interesting" as last year it was still fun.  I did not do a good job of taking pictures today but here are a few, and a majority of my pics are of Malee and Krista since they are in my track group.

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